(Over)exposing myself

A few months ago, I went on an early morning photo trip with two fellow analogue lovers. My weapon of choice was a Nikon F100 and a new Samyang AF 14mm f/2.8. The ammo a roll of Adox Silvermax. Basically the same as the old, legendary Agfa APX 100. A silver rich emulsion with fantastic tones and a wide exposure latitude.

I was looking forward to playing with small apertures and long exposure landscape shots. But what I didn’t know was that the lens has an electronically controlled diaphragm. The F100 cannon control the aperture on lenses with electronic diaphragms, so all my shots ended up being shot wide open in stead of the f/8-11-16 that I had set the camera to. Of course that meant that all shots got horribly overexposed and I was quite annoyed. Got home and put the roll aside a few months till I figured out what to do.

I decided to try to stand develop the film. While stand development has a lot of great advantages, I had a few bad experiences in the past. Mainly foggy base and surge marks from the sprocket holes. I decided to try, nonetheless, but I added 2 grams of iodized salt to my developer to try to avoid base fog and surge marks. My developer of choice is HC-110, so of course I used it here as well.
I wanted at least 5 ml of concentrate in my working solution, so I made a 1+119 mixture with 5 ml of concentrate. That gave me exactly 600ml of developer – perfect to pour into my two 135 roll Paterson tank. I presoaked my film in tempered water while mixing the developer. I swizzled using the stick for the first minute, then banged the tank 3 times on my table and put the tank into a 20°C water bath and let it sit for 60 minutes without any agitation. Then I rinsed and fixed as normal.

The results came out pretty nice. The tones are rich and the contrast is good. Below is a few examples: